Market Trench

Red, white and blue have been long known to represent liberty, equality and fraternity. Under the theatrical developments of modern China, this "snake skin" material bears a closer relationship to transformation, urbanisation and nomadism. We started documenting the use of the material across China and we ended up making Market Trench, a symbol of a Transformed Urbanised Nomad.

Markettrench made with 100% PE. avalible in XS, S, M & L.

74USD free worldwide shipping / 318¥RMB

Market Trench TOTE

Market Trench TOTE is the second product in the line of Market Trench. It is a homage to the original transport bags used by Hong Kong nationals bringing goods over to their relatives in China back in the 1920s.

32USD free worldwide shipping / 89¥RMB

TOTE open
TOTE closed

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